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Membership Requirements/ Forms


The membership requirements to join the club are as follows:

1.  Download, print and complete the Membership Application (Active Members only).

2.  Pay the membership fees through PayPal (online credit card) or by mailed check. Please join or renew by April 28, 2019, for the 2019 season.

Family membership $150 – For Active members who are under the age of 18, a Parent, Guardian, or Adult must be listed as the member and a Family membership is required. USA Water Ski & Water Sports Membership is required for this type of member. All participants (adult and children) must be USA WS&WS members. See information below.

Individual membership (over 18) $75. USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Membership is required for this type of member. See information below.

3.  Supporting Memberships are available for $50 or for any greater amount determined by the member.  Supporting Members are recognized as part of the membership that wishes to support the overall organization. USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is NOT required for this type of membership.

4.  Join USA Water Ski & Wake Sports (Active Members only). USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is the governing body of show skiing. It provides our club with insurance for practices and shows. All participating members (skiing and non-skiing) must be members of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. Be sure to denote “Lake Mc Queeney Ski Bees” as your club affiliation.

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports has updated its membership fee schedule. You can join or renew online at

Documents may be mailed to the following address or brought to your first practice.
Please understand that all documents and fees must be submitted before participating.

Lake McQueeney Ski Bees
PO Box 658
McQueeney, Texas 78123

If you have any questions please contact us at
Thank you for your interest in joining the Lake Mc Queeney Ski Bees.

5. Members who wish to use the Ski Bees Permanent Waterski Jump Ramp on Lake Mc Queeney must also sign the Permanent Waterski Jump Ramp Users Agreement and provide proof of liability insurance ($500,000) with the Lake Mc Queeney Ski Bees, Inc. as a named insured on your policy.   The Lake Mc Queeney Ski Bees are able to offer this service to our members through an agreement with the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority