The Lake McQueeney Ski Bees is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers that perform free water ski shows for the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge community throughout the summer. The team is recognized for it’s innovative shows and thrilling water skiing.

The Ski Bees are made up of children of all ages ranging from our youngest at 3 or 4 years old to skiers in their 70s and a variety of other support personnel that may be even older or younger. Although there are many people that join the team as individuals, there are also many families that join where the parents and children all ski together on the same team, some may be skiing and some may be helping on shore, the docks or out in the boats. Show skiing is a unique sport where an entire family can perform together.

2021 Board of Directors

 Jimmie Price (President)        

Katherine Ewald (Vice President)

John Taddy (Treasurer)

Miles McFadin (Secretary)

Carl Pfullmann (Show Director)

Chris Gosch (chair of golf tournament)

James Walker (the boat man)

Brian Bacon (jump ramp & slalom course buoy man)

Dean Braune

Thomas Belton